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Leadership Skills

Air Cadet from around the Region are taught the theory of leadership and practical leadership skills.

Air Cadets are given the opportunity to put into practice what they have learnt. This can range from simply leading a task at a Squadron, to being in command of a whole flight of cadets on a training exercise.

Cadet Foundation Leadership

This training is an introduction to the principles of leadership and covers how to use the SMEAC (Situation, Mission, Execution, Any Questions, Check Understanding) to brief a group of cadets and then put this into practice

Cadet Basic Leadership

This training aims to provide leadership activities to be undertaken with cadets from other Squadrons.

Cadet Intermediate Leadership

This training aims to introduce a higher level of theory and practical ability during leadership exercises.

Advanced Cyber Specialist

This training aims to deliver a challenging leadership programme that produces a higher level of competency and develops the potential for leadership instructors.

The training is provided through the AIr Cadet Leadership COurse (ACLC), the Junior Leaders Course (JL) or an Advanced Leadership COurse run by the Corps.