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Media Communications

The North Region Media Communications Department is responsible for promoting the work of the Air Cadet Organisation within North Region and so maintain public understanding information and goodwill.

The department handles both external and internal communication with the media. We also have a website, which keeps the Internet up to date and full of information. The web site is viewed as an important medium to help keep the public and others informed on news and other issues, while providing information to staff and cadets alike.

The Regional Media Communications Officer (RMCO) provides strategic practical support in the way of training and development, managing media interest and offering wings help and advice on publicity. To keep track of all matters of media interest, the Regional Media Communications Officer encourages the use of computerised systems, in particular the use of email. Details of events, which could attract media interest, are circulated efficiently with this system.

A team of five Wing Media Communications Officers, (WMCO), all volunteer staff, have geographic responsibility across the five wings of the region. They give help and guidance to squadrons wishing to issue press releases or publicise events and activities. Individual Squadrons have their own Squadron MCO.

The Regional MCO is based at Air Cadets Regional Headquarters (North) at RAF Linton–on-Ouse, with five Wing Headquarters in Central & East Yorkshire, Durham & Northumberland, Cumbria & Lancashire, Greater Manchester and South & West Yorkshire Wings.

During the year we work on training and development issues to provide staff and cadets with the skills to effectively publicise their activities and promote the organisation locally. One of our main aims is to help promote the activities of the Air Cadet Organisation and achieve wider publicity of the value membership of the organisation gives. Region and Wing MCO's report on significant events within their level of responsibility and communicate through the chain of command as appropriate.

The Media Communications Office enables the public to take a closer look at what the Air Cadet Organisation does best – providing a host of activities and opportunities for young people throughout the region, giving them skills and qualifications they can carry with them into either, a service or civilian career.

The Air Cadet Headquarters Press Office at RAF Cranwell provides advice to Regions, Wings and Squadrons throughout the country on topics such as how to deal with TV and radio interviews, as dealing with the media with regard to national events. In addition they are the first point of contact for media enquiries in the event of an accident or similar crisis.


Headquarters Air Cadets MCO

Mrs D Housby
Tel: 01400 267631