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Non-Commissioned Officers...

To become a Sergeant in the Air Cadets you generally first join as a Civilian Instructor and after 3-6 months you will be interviewed by your squadron commander and then go into uniform.

When you get your Sergeant's rank tapes you will also be given an RAF uniform and will wear RAF Air Cadet rank slides. When appointed you will be expected to attend the Senior Non-Commissioned Officers’ Staff Initial Course (SSIC) at RAF College Cranwell, Lincolnshire.

You will be expected to give a minimum of 12 hours of your time per month for Air Cadet duties and will normally attend your squadron twice a week perhaps between 7-9pm on a Monday and Thursday. Times and days vary locally.

Along the way you will help young people aged 12-20 to learn and to become good citizens but you will also develop your leadership skills and have the opportunity to pick up qualifications in mountain leadership, First Aid, NVQs and attend a number of courses. You may also be entitled to 28 days remuneration.

Rest assured wearing a uniform is a non-combatant role and does not mean you can be deployed to a war zone - your job is to train the Next Generation of air cadets - you cannot be called up!