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Adult Volunteers, We need you…

The ATC constantly assesses its past achievements, implements change to meet the challenges of today, and makes plans for the future. To do this, we need you.

All kinds of people make up our volunteers, and experience has shown us that they come from many different backgrounds. Obviously if you have direct experience of working with young people, or any relevant skills such as flying or gliding, you would be particularly welcome, but they are not essential as we will train you and support you at every stage.

However, it is vitally important that you have the kind of personal qualities we need, such as patience, maturity and responsibility. You should understand young people and be prepared to deal with their problems as well as their enthusiasm. You will need to be reasonably fit as physical exercise is an important part of our activities, but you do not have to be an athlete. It is just as important to have someone who can deal with emotional upset when the cadets are away from home as it is to have someone who can go adventure training.

You will also have to be well organized, perhaps with good managerial and administrative skills, an ability to listen to problems and deal with them tactfully and appropriately. Do you think you have something to offer us? If so, read on...

In the following pages you can find out about some of the opportunities open to you as an adult volunteer:

We seek...


Non-Commissioned Officers

Civilian Instructors

Civilian Committee Members

Gliding Instructors

Service Instructors