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Air Cadets

The Air Training Corps is a voluntary youth organization supported by the Royal Air Force. It is open to anyone aged 12 to 17. The ATC is one of the country's premier youth organizations and the world's largest youth air training organization with almost 41,000 members, within nearly 1,000 Squadrons. The Cadets are supported by a volunteer Staff and Civilian Committee Members. The Air Cadet Organisation has more members and aircraft that the Royal Air Force!

What Do Air Cadets Do?

You name it, there is a good chance there is an Air Cadet somewhere doing it!

The Air Training Corps. aims to provide a stimulating, exciting and varied training program which ensures that all cadets achieve their full potential. Most Squadrons will meet twice a week during which cadets are able to take part in may activities, as well as planning for additional ones.  Addition activities can be organised by Wings, North Region and the Corps. These can take place at RAF bases, camps and even abroad and tend to be a longer activities than just a weekend, but the cadets get a lot out of it.