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2017-03-21 14:03:18
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From the 26th September – 9th October, I was given an amazing opportunity to partake in the prestigious ACPS Flying Scholarship at Tayside Aviation, Dundee. The course consists of 2 weeks of flying, with the intentions of potentially flying solo, and gaining 12 hours in the air, which can be contributed towards a Private Pilots License.

We had stayed at the Double Tree Hilton, and on the first day we were shown around the premises and introduced to the aircraft we would later fly; the A211 Aquila. Unfortunately, for the first few days, we were not able to fly as the weather was quite poor, but it settled down as the weeks went on.

Throughout the 2 weeks, we had to take in a lot of information and knowledge, not only to expand our knowledge to enable us to fly with more ease, but because we also had an exam to complete. The exam contained questions regarding the topics we learnt about in the air as well as on the ground: Air Law, Radio Communications/Procedures, Emergencies and more. We were taught how to control the aircraft, how to ascend, descent and turn, how to stall, and finally, how to complete circuits with the intentions of flying solo. It’s a lot to take in, but it’s very interesting!

I completed all the classes and I passed the exam after many hours of studying. The last few days came and the weather slowly took a turn for the worst Unfortunately, this affected my flying and resulted in myself being unable to complete my solo. Despite this, I was lucky enough to secure 12 hours of flying, and I loved every second of it.

I am intending on returning to Tayside at some point, where I will be able to complete my solo. I am incredibly grateful for this opportunity that I received, especially since this course has been relevant to my career choice and I have a prominent interest in aviation; I couldn’t have been happier to obtain a place. This has been by far my most favourite thing I have partaken within the Air Training Corps. Until next time!


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