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Raywell Multi-Activity Weekend Succes

2016-05-31 12:23:55
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By 152 Sqn - 152 (City of Hull) Squadron

The May Bank Holiday weekend saw 31 cadets from 152 (City of Hull), 873 (Driffield) and 1324 (Hawker Blackburn) participate in an action packed multi-activity weekend based at Raywell Park in East Yorkshire.

On the Saturday cadets visited Welton Waters Activity Centre for a full day of water based sports and activities including sailing, canoeing, paddle boarding and raft building. The building seemed the most popular as cadets battled to keep their rafts afloat giving the on looking staff plenty of opportunities for photographs and video footage. The finale of the day was a jetty jump, with cadets attempting to make the best / most ridiculous pose as they hurtled towards the water.

Sunday saw cadets split into three teams and undertake air rifle shooting, a treasure hunt and leadership tasks. The ‘Legend of the Gummi Bears’ treasure hunt had cadets answering riddles and then searching for codes and keys in order to unlock the ultimate prize; Haribo Golden Bears. Whilst over on the air rifle range cadets were given expert instruction and the chance to test their marksmanship.

The Leadership activities ranged from mental tasks to confidence builders and more complex command tasks. One particularly popular exercise saw the cadet NCO’s blindfolded or made prisoners leaving the remaining cadets to try and solve the problem in front of them and guide their team to a conclusion.

The final main activity of the weekend was carried out on Monday morning and saw the cadets participate in a large pioneering exercise. With CI Thrower in charge the cadets were given a scenario and then tasked with building a zip line, bridge and shelter from the equipment provided. Various problems and issues were then thrown into the mix; rogue spies, injured parties and an ever closing deadline. The results of the cadets endeavors were fantastic with a completed zip line transporting supplies to fortify a bridge and well-structured shelter.

All of these activities were interspersed with a wide variety of games and other activities giving cadets no chance to get bored or miss home, which became apparent when mobile phones remained unclaimed during free time.

The final nights evening activity saw cadets transformed into an earthquake rescue team tasked with finding a missing baby in an unstable building. Participating cadets were issued a blindfold and helmet before being given the scenario and led into a pitch black room littered with objects. Playing distracting noises, including a baby crying, staff watched as cadets worked together as a team to guide themselves through the chaos, locate the baby and exit the room.

This activity was well received by all especially when the staff volunteered to have a go. Kitted up Plt Off Cooper, FS Reynolds, CI Knights & CI Thompson entered the room. However, all was not quite as it seemed as the remaining members of staff moved the baby around the room and even threw in the obstacle of a pregnant man in need of rescue ‘CI Cooper’, much to the cadets’ amusement.

For the staff involved the weekend was always going to be hard work, the wide range of activities and fantastic freshly cooked food, including a roast dinner with all the trimmings meant he chance to sit down was slim but to see so many cadets have a thoroughly good time makes all the effort in planning and preparation before and during the weekend makes it all worth it.

152 (City of Hull) Sqn hope to make such an activity weekend an annual event with planning already beginning for 2017.

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